Globally the healthy snack sector is valued at 23 BILLION USD

Globally the healthy snack sector is valued at 23 BILLION USD it will continue to be one of the fastest growing categories in the ready to eat segment.

The growing consumer awareness of the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and good fats are also boosting the health and wellness snacks’ growth.

“This increased interest and demand in health and wellness packaged food and beverages have been met with the entry of new products to the market not just from specialists, but also large international manufacturers, which are increasingly recognizing that this is an industry with a bright future ahead of it,” said Euromonitor. Meanwhile, growing interest and concern over the source of the food that is consumed has helped to support the growth of organic and naturally healthy beverages and packaged food, the market research firm added.

Consumers are no longer prioritizing traditional meal times but are increasingly snacking throughout the day. Just 9% of Americans say that they do not snack outside of mealtimes, according to a 2018 GlobalData consumer survey.

Unilever’s acquisition of Graze underlines the rapid growth of the overall health and wellness foods market in the U.K.

In 2016, Mars Wrigley introduced a line of trail mixes under its iconic confectionery brand M&M’s in the U.K., as the domestic fruit and nut snacking market was dominated by own-label products at that time, and there were few premium brands.

Stirring in substance.
Creating snacks that offer nutritional benefits and pair grain-based foods with a variety of proteins is a way to attract consumers. Evolving eating patterns can be seen throughout the day.

A recent OnePoll survey found that lunch is the meal most often replaced with snacks with 49% of respondents saying they do so. The survey also found that cheese, crackers, fruit, chips, nuts and veggies were the top six foods that make up snack meals.

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